1 inch buttons: art / culture / feminist / political / queer / misc
pocket mirrors // bottle opener keychains // custom orders
Bash back! [black/pink]
Bash back! [misc colors]
You may be confused, but I'm not. [misc colors]
Boys will do boys. [misc colors]
Girls will do girls. [black/pink]
I'm in the right bathroom. [misc colors]
Let's pretend we're in a Bruce LaBruce movie. [misc colors]
heteroflexible. [misc colors]
Boy / Girl [black]
Sodomy prevents abortion. [misc colors]
high femme. [pink bubbles]
tomboy femme. [orange dot]
Switch. [black]
gender fucker. [misc colors]
I don't mind straights... [misc colors]
punkrock dyke. [misc colors]
radical fairy. [misc colors]
trans ally. [brown/lime]
trans power. [brown/lime]
Some of the most beautiful women I know are men. [black/pink]